Nettle Herbal Drink

Freshly pressed Nettles stimulate the body into a mild detoxification process

- Organic freshly pressed nettle juice -

- 4 x 100ml bottles - 

- Take 1/2 a bottle each morning for 8 consecutive days -

- Store in the fridge after opening - 

- Free delivery -

 ÍON Nettle Herbal Drinks will gently stimulate the body into a mild detoxification process*. Detoxification of the skin, kidneys and liver organs are supported by the herbs in this drink*.



Organic Herbs: Stinging Nettle, Dandelion Leaf, Elderflower & Fennel Bulb


No added sugar. No preservatives.

100% natural ingredients.


* This is not a health claim authorised by the European Food Safety Authority.