Ginger Herbal Tonic (small pack)

Ginger Herbal Tonics take tiredness away

- 6 Ginger Herbal Tonics in presentation box - 
- Take 1 tonic each afternoon to boost your energy levels naturally -
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Do you come home from work feeling exhausted? Do you wish you had more energy to make the most of your evenings? With ÍON tonics you can. Formulated to boost energy levels naturally, they contain potent organic Ginseng root, which protects the adrenal glands from adrenal exhaustion and freshly pressed organic Ginger root, which stimulates circulation, overcoming feelings of sluggishness.
With ÍON Ginger Herbal Tonics people now have the energy to hit the gym after work and others have the motivation to go dancing, shopping or hang out with friends. The working day is over but your energy doesn’t have to be and we believe the evening is your chance to do what you love.

In a recent case study, 30 people aged 24-55 years took ÍON Ginger Herbal Tonics daily each afternoon. By week 3 of the course, 87% of participants reported a definite boost in their energy levels.

~ no sugar ~ no sweeteners ~ no preservatives ~ made in Ireland ~ gluten-free 

Formula: cold-pressed organic ginger root juice, organic ginseng root, organic liquorice root, organic freshly pressed lemon juice, fruit extracts, Vitamin C & purified water.

Get us to deliver your pack to work and drink one tonic daily at 3pm. Then say "hello" to a brighter evening! All of ÍON tonics are made from freshly pressed organic whole herbs. For more information see a recent review in the Irish Mirror.

ÍON is an Irish term meaning "pure"
ÍON producer Dr Aoife Kelly pictured with David Flynn Co-Founder, The Happy Pear.       
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