Ginger Herbal Tonic (one month programme)


Take in the morning to kick-start your day or in the afternoon to beat the afternoon slump

- One month programme -
- 20 tonics total - 
- Take 1 tonic Monday-Friday -
- Free delivery -

~ no sugar ~ no sweeteners ~ no preservatives ~ made in Ireland ~ gluten-free 

Formula: cold-pressed organic ginger root juice, organic ginseng, organic liquorice, organic freshly pressed lemon juice, fruit extracts, Vitamin C & purified water.


Health Tonic Benefits

- Naturally energizing - 

Ginger and Ginseng work well together as a natural energy enhancer. Ginseng is traditionally known for increasing energy, longevity and vitality, while ginger is a natural invigorator that stimulates blood-flow, helping you to overcome feelings of fatigue and sluggishness.

- Stamina Boost -

As an Adaptogen herb, ginseng helps you to adapt to the demands and stresses of life. It protects and strengthens the adrenal glands, enabling you to cope with stress better. The result: more stamina – less stress.

- Aids Digestion - 

Did you know that so much of your energy is spent on digestion? That’s why we can experience an ‘afternoon-slump’! Ginger promotes the release of extra digestive enzymes from the pancreas, aiding the absorption of nutrients from food [1]. Digestion happens with more ease, while your energy is conserved for important brain-work!

- Anti-Inflammatory -

As we spend most of our day slumped in front of a PC, it’s easy to develop muscle discomfort. Thanks to ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties, Ginger Health Tonic is great for relieving muscle and joint pain caused by poor PC-posture! Ginger’s anti-inflammatory action is so evident it’s no surprise that it has been used to heal rheumatism in Auyurvedic medicine for over 2000 years [2]. 

- Lowers Cholesterol -

Researchers of a study published in the journal "Food and Function" in 2013 found that ginger activates an enzyme that increases your body's use of cholesterol. In a double blind controlled clinical study of ginger, where patients consumed ginger for 45 days, it was found that ginger had a significant cholesterol-lowering effect compared to a placebo [3].

Happy Pear Love Ginger Tonics

ÍON Founder Dr Aoife Kelly pictured with David Flynn Co-Founder, The Happy Pear.


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