Like a daily, free, health boosting tonic? 

Your company is considering offering each person the opportunity to receive daily health and energy boosting, all natural, herbal tonics from ÍON. Are you interested?

We all know that natural, herbal tonics are good for us.
 We take them now and again, usually when we’re feeling a little run down. But not regularly and they can be a little expensive. So now, thanks to your company, you can get yourself a regular programme of super healthy tonics for free! No buying, no thinking, no remembering. Just more energy, better concentration and more health.



Why is your company doing this?

It's all good for a company if everyone’s energy and concentration is up and sick days are down. And fortunately for you, yours is a progressive company, that wants to recognise your hard work and are willing to fund this wellness programme in full.                                                              


All good, all natural

ÍON health tonics are formulated to reduce stress levels, increase energy levels or boost the immune system. Developed by scientist and holistic herbalist Dr. Aoife Kelly, the health tonics are plant-based, containing premium organic herbs.





 What you get

If there is enough interest from your company and if they decide to go ahead, you will receive a box of 20 small tonic bottles at the start of each month for 3 months, and ongoing if your company decides to continue.



Your first month is all about energy

The first programme of tonics is formulated to provide a 100% natural energy boost. They contain organic herbs of Ginger roots, Ginseng roots and Liquorice roots. We named our tonics ÍON, an Irish term meaning “pure”, because they are without sugar, sweeteners or preservatives and contain less than 10 calories in each tonic. As the seasons change, so too will your programme of tonics.



Let us know in the form below. Your answer will come directly to us here at ÍON. When most of your team have responded we’ll let your company know what the level of interest is like. If they decide to go ahead, and you answer yes below, your first month of tonics will be on the way in January. If you answer no you won’t be on the programme, but can join at a later date.

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