Pamela from GirlCrew

 "What I love about ÍON, and the herbal tonics they make, is that they are all so tasty! The Ginger Herbal Tonic is my favourite – it is delicious. They are a great alternative to coffee if you are looking for a boost in the afternoon, and a healthy alternative too. Our whole team have tried them, and everyone loved them."

Pamela Newenham, Co-CEO at GirlCrew



Naomi from AirconMech

"A month into the programme and I feel great! I drink my tonic at 2pm daily and found my energy and focus remains sustained. There’s no afternoon slump!! Already there’s an improvement in my digestive system and overall energy levels. I’ve ordered another box of Ginger tonics myself to keep me going and kick-start the new year. I’m really loving it. Thanks Dr. Aoife."

Naomi Byrne, Financial Manager at AMV Systems LTD.

Aoife Lyons, EirGen


"I love ÍON health tonics. I take them at about noon each day. I feel more awake and alert for a short time after taking the tonic, and have noticed a sustained increase in my energy levels throughout the day, particularly in the later weeks of the programme. I am less dependent on coffee. My immune system is strong, and I’ve been feeling increasingly well as the programme progressed."

Aoife Lyons, Regulatory Affairs Officer at EirGen Pharma















Benefits to athlete
"Having taken ÍON herbal tonics over the last month or so, I have noticed over the last 10 days a significant improvement in my training. I’m an athlete and I run 10km every day. The benefit I’ve noticed from taking ÍON tonics is that it gives me this feeling of ‘flying along’ while I’m training. I’ve actually had to keep myself back so that I can stay in with my training group. Usually this experience of ‘flying along’ as a runner only occurs once in a rare while. But with the tonics, I’m enjoying the experience regularly since week 3 in the programme. Happy days!"
Ted Flannelly, Financial Controller at AirconMech Ltd.


Marco, Bluefin
"I drink ÍON health tonics every day right after lunch break, and I feel energised every time I take it. I would definitely recommend it. It's a great and healthy way to keep your productivity high during the day." Marco Troisi, Senior Software Engineer at Bluefin Payment Systems


Since I’ve started drinking ÍON Health Tonics I have noticed great health benefits. I no longer have any slumps of tiredness during the day. My energy levels are consistent throughout the day right up until I go to bed. I have cut my intake of coffee down by half. I only drink one cup in the morning now whereas before I started taking ÍON Health Tonics, I could not function without a cup of coffee in the afternoon. I’ve also noticed huge improvements in my digestive system. I no longer feel bloated after eating certain foods. I now look forward to drinking my ginger health tonic as much as I used to look forward to my cup of coffee." Jenna Durney, Regulatory Affairs Controller at EirGen Pharma











"The development team in Bluefin are really enj
oying their wellness program. Not only has it helped with the three o'clock slump and a healthier lifestyle, but it also gives the team the impression that we are appreciated by our employer." Dónal McCarthy,  Waterford Site Technical Lead at Bluefin Payment Systems    



"I've been on the ÍON health tonics programme for the past month now and I take the tonic in the afternoon as that's when my energy levels are lowest.  With these tonics I'm feel
ing more energetic everyday!" Lisa McGowan, Network Technician at Bluefin Payment Systems 





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