Regular health drinks contain synthetically-produced vitamins and a variety of additives. íon health tonics feature the best of nature and nothing else. Our drinks are 100% plant-based meaning the nutrients, vitamins and minerals are more bioavailable to you.

All of our herbs are organic and are sourced from ethical farms. For example, our ginger comes from a farm in Eastern China where the philosophy of Daoism (farming in harmony with nature) is practiced and women and men receive equal payment.

Every tonic is made holistically with whole herbs & while this makes our process more costly, it means that all of the complimentary benefits of the herbs are intact in every tonic. Other producers isolate the active ingredients but we like to treat herbs with respect!
íon health tonics contain: 
- no sugar -
 - no sweeteners - 
 - no additives - 
 - no preservatives - 
 - no caffeine - 
 - no binders - 
and in a nutshell no unpronounceable ingredients.


We don't like to say 'no' all that often, so instead we chose íon - the Irish term for 'pure' to represent our brand. 


Ginger Health Tonic Benefits


- Naturally energizing - 

Ginger and Ginseng work well together as a natural energy enhancer. Ginseng is traditionally known for increasing energy, longevity and vitality, while ginger is a natural invigorator that stimulates blood-flow, helping you to overcome feelings of fatigue and sluggishness.

- Stamina Boost -

As an Adaptogen herb, ginseng helps you to adapt to the demands and stresses of life. It protects and strengthens the adrenal glands, enabling you to cope with stress better. The result: more stamina – less stress.

- Aids Digestion - 

Did you know that so much of your energy is spent on digestion? That’s why we can experience an ‘afternoon-slump’! Ginger promotes the release of extra digestive enzymes from the pancreas, aiding the absorption of nutrients from food [1]. Digestion happens with more ease, while your energy is conserved for important brain-work!

- Anti-Inflammatory -

As we spend most of our day slumped in front of a PC, it’s easy to develop muscle discomfort. Thanks to ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties, Ginger Health Tonic is great for relieving muscle and joint pain caused by poor PC-posture! Ginger’s anti-inflammatory action is so evident it’s no surprise that it has been used to heal rheumatism in Auyurvedic medicine for over 2000 years [2]. 

- Lowers Cholesterol -

Researchers of a study published in the journal "Food and Function" in 2013 found that ginger activates an enzyme that increases your body's use of cholesterol. In a double blind controlled clinical study of ginger, where patients consumed ginger for 45 days, it was found that ginger had a significant cholesterol-lowering effect compared to a placebo [3].



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