Like a daily, free, health boosting tonic? 

Clearstream is considering offering each team member the opportunity to receive daily health and energy boosting, all natural, herbal tonics from ÍON. Join other great companies like EirGen Pharma and AirconMech who have signed up to this wellness programme. Are you interested?


All good, all natural, all Irish

ÍON health tonics are handcrafted locally in Wexford by a team of herbalists and scientists. The tonics are created to support energy levels, while at the same time being 100% plant-based. These energy-boosting tonics will also support the body during night-shift. Other tonics help to reduce stress levels and boost the immune system.

What you get

If there is enough interest from your team and if Clearstream decide to go ahead you will receive a box of 20 small tonic bottles at the start of January, and ongoing if Clearstream decide to continue.    


Let us know in the form below. Your answer will come directly to us here at ÍON. When most of your team have responded we’ll let Clearstream know what the level of interest is like. If they decide to go ahead, and you answer yes below, your first programme of tonics will be on the way in January. If you answer no you won’t be on the programme, but can join at a later date.

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