– The simple health solutions are often dismissed –

At ÍON we think simple is beautiful! Herbs are Nature’s wondrous tools that create lasting health benefits. It’s our mission to put herbs back in the spotlight as our best health allies! Why? Because they are superbly effective at boosting our health, nourishing our organs and preventing illnesses from developing. Why complicate things when nature grows ready-made medicine! Our Herbal Drinks might be simple...but they are definitely potent.

– Founder –

Dr. Aoife Kelly

At the end of 2014, I left my job in engineering and chose to start a business in something I truly believed in. The result of my passion, scientific knowledge and herbal medicine studies was the creation of ÍON herbs. The reward for me lies in knowing that I’m offering something meaningful that will truly support people’s health. The positive health effects of ÍON drinks were evident from the start and so our story continues. We’re excited for what lies ahead.

– ÍON philosophy –
  1. Prevention of illness is possible with a pure diet, supported by herbs and a positive, balanced lifestyle. Herbs help with prevention of illness while drugs focus on treatment.
  2. We never compromise on purity. Pure, minimalist ingredients allow for maximum herbal benefit.
  3. Our 100% plant-based tonics allow you to connect with nature with each herbal sip, easing the stresses from constant digital-connectivity. Log off...Plant up.
  4. To strive for a work-life balance is an illusion. Know that every moment is your life. And every moment is an opportunity to thrive!


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