Ginger Herbal Shot

Enjoy more energy & reduce your cravings

Ginger Herbal Drink contains premium organic Siberian Ginseng root and gives you a 100% natural energy boost. This organic tonic curbs sugar cravings and shows you that what your body is really craving is energy, not sugar. Drink in the moment the afternoon slump occurs, or the moment you find you are reaching for something sweet. You'll beat your cravings more easily with Ginger Herbal Drink. It offers the fastest and easiest way to get that clean hit of energy your body craves.

- Small pack -
- 6 drinks - 
- Free shipping in Ireland -

~ no added sugar ~ no preservatives ~ made in Co. Wexford

 ÍON is an Irish term meaning pure

Formula: organic slow-juiced ginger root, organic ginseng, organic liquorice, organic lemon juice, fruit extracts & purified water.

Testimonial by Dr. Fionnula McHale

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