Ginger Lemon Rosemary Shot

Ginger Lemon Rosemary Shot is a potent formula that improves digestive health and brings relief to digestive complaints such as bloating, reflux and even nausea. Contains freshly infused rosemary, which is traditionally used to improve focus and concentration.

→  100% natural digestive support
→  Made with freshly slow-juiced organic ginger roots & organic lemons.
→  No added sugar. No preservatives. Naturally gluten-free. Vegan.

- Large pack -
- 24 shots (100ml each) -
- Free shipping in Ireland -
ÍON is an Irish term meaning “pure” and we abide in that philosophy, by sourcing our ingredients from organic & Fairtrade growers and choosing glass packaging that can be recycled.

We handcraft all ÍON drinks with care and intention because we believe that the way something is made affects how you’ll feel when it’s consumed.

Formula: purified water, organic slow-juiced ginger root, freshly infused rosemary, organic lemon juice, fruit extracts.