Thank you to Digital Dandy who put together this board framing my quotes from IMAGE magazine. This came to me as a complete surprise that someone had found my quote and made this board. What a nice way to start the week! Of course it's a bank holiday Monday today, but in the life of a start-up founder I get to choose my holidays and today I'm in full-blast work-mode.

What's really nice about this picture is that I've inspired somebody! From the founder of Digital Dandy:

"If there's one thing I've learned, feeling good from the inside out is the best investment when it comes to making good headway in business. Inspired by my weekend with The Digital Picnic and this quote from íon Herbs I'm ready to kick some goals this week!"

Start Small is about taking deliberate actions that matter. There are many dreamers in this world with great big ideas. Their ideas are often so big that their dreaming of them only pushes them further away from becoming a reality. This state of dreaming is a luxury and a safety net. When I find myself theorising, analysing and over-thinking something, it can often be because I am afraid to take action. The goal ahead might seem so huge that worry starts to creep in. Worry is paralysing. The best way to beat worry is through action. Don't allow yourself to become afraid of your dream - don't allow your mind to make it so big that it keeps you away from your dream. Write your action list of small achievable tasks. It gives you a feeling of confidence and you are then in control of your dream.

Success follows the brave. Taking courageous steps definitely leads to positive results. One example I can give you is when I first presented my business to the world. I was going against the grain of what people expected of me, and that was to have a stable job in the field of my doctorate. I knew a career in engineering wasn’t right for me, so I did a lot of soul searching and was completely honest with myself. I felt a genuine connection to the world of herbal medicine and this excitement wouldn’t leave me, although I tried to ignore it many times. Once I had found my passion, I really felt I was on a mission of connecting people with the health benefits of herbs, and I had to follow it.

Being brave could be as simple as having the courage to approach someone at a networking event who you believe can help you. Again, it's about breaking challenges down into small action steps and doing one thing each day to progress your dream.

Good luck! Be brave and be strong.