Normally any press I've received so far about my start-up has been focused on the founder. Why we make this choice to run life on our terms - what are our secrets to success - what was our greatest achievement so far - what strength and determination it has taken to reach this point. It's a hot topic right now, uncovering the psychology behind succeeding as an entrepreneur. Those hungry enough to succeed will. Like that fighter featured in the photo, you are ready, fit and hungry, with your sights set firmly on your goal and a belief that no-one or nothing can stop you! For me, it's a really proud moment, when for the first time, it's not me that's the focus but it's my creation that's in the spotlight. When it's no longer about you, and more about your product, you know what you are offering is unique and serving people in a genuine way. 

It all good for a company if everyone’s energy and concentration is up and sick days are down. ÍON Herbal Tonics help with that. And it's a really a easy way for progressive employers to recognise their hard-working team. Each month employees receive a pack of organic premium tonics funded or co-funded by their company. Bluefin Payment Systems Ireland have been a big supporter of this idea from the outset and as this year comes to a close, we are most thankful to them. The early-adopters of a new idea or product are considered innovators and Elaine Fennelly, CEO of Bluefin Payments Systems, is a genuine innovator and entrepreneur having co-founded FeedHenry. 

Actually all of ÍON's early adopters including Aircon Mech are companies who are run by the original entrepreneur/founder. A big thank you to John Dempsey and Jim Mullett at AirconMech for choosing our wellness programme for their team.

And finally, lets return to the exciting fact that it's no longer about me but more about my product and how it's helping people!! Thank you Irish Tatler for contacting me and for representing ÍON tonics as a "revolutionary approach to wellness".