There was great excitement at ÍON today as we delivered our herbal wellness programme to AirconMech Ltd. Pictured in the photo is myself Dr. Aoife with AirconMech Financial Manager Naomi Byrne. Photo credits: Deirdre Keogh.

AirconMech have been a pleasure to collaborate with, and it was a privilege to give each person an individual consultation also to encourage greater health in the workplace. 

Here's what Aircon Mech have written about their programme:

"We are delighted to receive our first months supply of íon Herbal Tonics this morning from Dr Aoife Kelly as part of AirconMech’s Wellness at Work programme. For the next 4 weeks we will drink a ginger, ginseng & liquorice combination to give us a natural energy boost.

This particular drink helps stimulate circulation to overcome sluggishness or fatique. It also aids digestion by calming the digestive system and improves the absorption of nutrients from food. This combination of pure premium ingredients, is abundant in anti inflammatory properties. There will be no stopping us now!"

 See AirconMech for more details: