We are so looking forward to presenting ÍON health tonics at Ireland’s Future Health Summit on 26th-27th May. We are looking forward to making new connections and to growing the ÍON brand and the ÍON philosophy. 

It is our hope that more health practitioners will not overlook the simplicity found in nature’s herbs that support health and restores balance to bodily organs and systems. Herbs are really foods with medicinal qualities. They combine with our bodies as foods do and are able to address both the symptoms and cause of a problem. 

Since they act as system balancers, they normalize the body so that it can heal and regulate itself, unlike drugs that can create body trauma along with their corrective benefits. Herbs are like precision instruments fine tuning and correcting imbalances and allowing the body to self-heal. Herbal remedies are still the primary means of healthcare in 80% of the world.

So come to Citywest Conference & Event Centre, Saggart, Co. Dublin this Thursday and Friday for this exciting event. We would love to share with you our passion for herbal remedies and let you taste our first product - a 100% natural energizing herbal tonic.

For tickets to attend the Future Health Summit check out www.futurehealthsummit.com