Today on Ireland’s National Workplace Wellbeing day, Bluefin Payment Systems Ireland and EirGen Pharma are doing something more to tangibly improve the health of their workforce. The culture in both of these companies is dynamic and vibrant. From the moment I first entered EirGen Pharma, there was a buzz of energy that was palpable and an openness to trying new things which I admired. My experience of the culture at Bluefin Payment Systems is one of creativity and innovation. From the appeal of their trendy offices, to desk innovations that allow the team to stand while at their PC, they demonstrate corporate wellness across many levels. These two progressive companies are truly great places to work.

It’s becoming more apparent to me that workplace wellness is no longer about striving for a life-work balance. I believe that every moment is our life and every moment is an opportunity to thrive! If we wait until the end of the day to bring balance back into our lives, then we’re postponing our life for those few hours in the evening when we are at home. We are missing out on life! If we wait to practice corporate wellness once a month or once a quarter, it doesn’t have the same positive effects that come with a daily wellness initiative that truly reinforces a healthy culture.


ION aspires to bring a burst of life back into the workplace by a wellness programme that's tangible and with measurable health benefits. Shown in the photos are some of the team members at EirGen and Bluefin, each with their own health tonics pack. By delivering a complete sensory experience surrounding health and wellness, an ÍON pack effectively demonstrates to each team member that their health is valued by their employer. This is important. We all need to feel that our employer appreciates us and our wellbeing. For me, it’s nice that the employee can experience this message on many sensory levels. They can see it, feel it, taste it and even hear it as they open the tonic to a ‘pop!’. But it’s so much more than just a glowing feeling! Contained in the pack is a month’s supply of organic herbal tonics that have proven health benefits. Employees at EirGen and Bluefin are taking one tonic a day and have noted an immediate kick of energy from the fiery ginger that builds into a sustainable stamina boost, attributed by the ginseng, over time. The wellness programme has removed the ‘afternoon-slump’ effect according to Bluefin Payment Systems Ireland.

This programme offers daily reinforcement of wellness in the workplace. ÍON has developed 4 wellness programmes that provide a health boost in the following ways: energy boost; stress-relief; immune system support and detox. The programme is a new way to experience corporate wellness ‘Right Here, Right Now’, at the opening of a tonic (Fatboy Slim would agree). It’s up to the employee when they want to experience relief from stress or enjoy an energy boost that’s 100% natural. It’s about empowering employees so that they can experience wellness as and when they want.

I owe a huge thanks to our initial customers spear-headed by CEO’s Patsy Carney and Elaine Fennelly. They believed in ÍON health tonics from the start and joined us on this journey of tangibly supporting people’s health while at work. We hope that both Elaine and Patsy will continue to be a part of ÍON’s story.

Remember: every moment is your life and every moment is an opportunity to thrive. So today, on Ireland’s 2nd celebration of Workplace Wellbeing, consider how best you can support your employees in terms of their well-being and try to bring that experience to life every day.